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You don’t need to be one of the millions of Canadians struggling with day-to-day money questions and challenges. Whether your challenge is rising debt, wondering when you can retire, wanting to lower the fees that are reducing your investment returns, or just needing a second opinion, York Region Money Coaches is here to help.

How is York Region Money Coaches different?

Unlike virtually everyone in the financial industry, WE SELL NO FINANCIAL PRODUCTS. No mutual funds, insurance policies, consumer proposals, or complicated investment products. This means we bring the most objective advice to our clients across every financial category – from debt elimination and budgeting, to portfolio reviews and detailed retirement planning.

Why should you care?

Research shows that TRUST is the #1 obstacle to Canadians seeking financial advice. The majority of financial professionals are compensated based on commissions and trailing fees from the financial products sold. In addition to this potential for bias, most Canadians feel some level of intimidation and even embarrassment when discussing their finances. Is it any wonder that only half of all Canadians have a financial plan?

Let’s cut to the chase…

If you want to have confidence in the financial decisions that you are making, you may want to try something different – a flat-fee CFP® professional with a 98% CLIENT REFERRAL RATING. We focus our time answering the questions that matter to you – with no judgements – so you can focus on the more important things in your life.

Our Promise

York Region Money Coaches is different from just about any other financial company. We have no financial ties to any other organization. We won’t sell you any financial products at all – we’ll just offer you sound advice suited to you and the stage you are at in managing your money.

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