Nick and Nicole G., Keswick

“We highly recommend a Money Coach to anyone who is living paycheck to paycheck and wondering how in the world you will ever retire! […]

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Mark and Marlene S

“We had been living pay cheque to pay cheque for years, gradually accumulating debt and neglecting to even consider saving for retirement. We […]

By |October 14th, 2014|Testimonials|

S Young and G Bedford

“York Region Money Coaches was instrumental in motivating us to take control of our financial destiny by eliminating the high back-end charges on our […]

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Mark and Angela Ajax

“We met with Trevor as a pre-wedding gift to ourselves.  He worked with us to eliminate debt and plan for future life stages.  Now […]

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T.N. & C.N., Newmarket

“Trevor helped us take an honest look at where our money is going and to develop a plan for managing our debt and saving […]

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Tim and Brenda G

“We wish we could be writing this after working with Trevor 20 years ago. We would have already put into place the plans […]

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Tyler H. and Megan W., Moose Jaw

“We are a mid-twenties couple who decided a few months ago to gain some serious control of our investments in order to reach our […]

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Lorraine A.

“Being at retirement age I needed direction on how to properly budget and manage my finances. Trevor was very effective in steering me […]

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