How much should you pay for your next vacation?

When you come back from a vacation it’s hard not to reflect on vacations past. The vacation is perhaps the most anticipated and […]

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Stick with your long term investment strategy

Once you have decided on your investment portfolio’s asset allocation, you are happy with the diversified and low fee portfolio you have created with […]

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Do you know what you are invested in?

For most people I know, deciding how to invest hard-earned dollars to fund a distant retirement is more painful than a root canal. […]

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Know your own risk profile

You may have heard from an investment advisor at some point that your investment risk profile is important. Today I will cover what […]

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Two little words you shouldn’t ignore

According to Statistics Canada, the six most common spoken languages in Canada are English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese but there are a […]

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34 months of effort wiped out in 10 minutes

It sounds like an Olympic dream dashed by a fall.

It was actually our mortgage principal balance backing up almost three years due to one […]

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5 More Money Ideas to Enhance Your Life

Most personal finance books stretch 150-250 pages but the best concepts can sometimes be captured in just a few paragraphs. Here are five more […]

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5 Ideas to Improve your Financial Health

Here are five random ideas to improve your money health. There’s no time like the present to make sure you’ve got some of the […]

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Understanding Primary Residence Rules – for those with 2

For those who have more than one property, it is important to make the right decision when it comes to designating the right property […]

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Debt Consolidation 101

Okay, you have some debt you want to get rid of… Join the club. In a recent Nielsen poll, the number one financial […]

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