Our Promise

York Region Money Coaches helps you leave your money worries behind

York Region Money Coaches was founded in 2010 to help individuals, couples and families gain control over their personal finances by offering the services of a flat-fee Certified Financial Planner® professional.


Advice for you – thinking only about you

York Region Money Coaches is different from just about any other financial company.  We have no financial ties to any other organization.  Our client referral rating is 98%. We won’t sell you any financial products at all – we’ll just offer you sound advice suited to you and the stage you are at in managing your money.  For a simple flat fee, your Money Coach will guide you through the best choices you can make with your hard-earned money.


Our promise to you

You need to hold the power to make your own financial decisions.  With York Region Money Coaches, you will have the opportunity to learn how to manage household finances, debt, investing, insurance and estate planning – in language you will understand.  Getting your finances on track is an important journey, and one that calls for personalized and unbiased advice.  With York Region Money Coaches, you will feel excited about moving into the future, knowing it’s possible to reach your professional and personal goals without money worries holding you back.


Our Process

Our company mission is to provide experienced financial support to as many clients as possible through reasonably priced flat-fee Financial Planning and Money Coaching.  The vast majority of financial planners in Canada charge based on assets invested, or based on commissions from selling investments or insurance policies.  We have removed the bias that can be inherent in a product-based fee schedule.


Our services cover the following:

  • The process starts with a free / no-obligation consultation.   This is offered to help you determine for yourself whether there is a fit between what you are looking for in a financial professional and what we do, for us to review our process with you, and for you to ask whatever questions you might have.
  • 6 hours of in-person Money Coach meeting time (typically scheduled in 4 meetings over a 4 month period).
  • Dozens of pages of presentation content personalized to you, spreadsheets, charts, books to keep, and additional e-mails/phone calls as needed during the 4 month-engagement.
  • Topics covered may include the following:
  • Permanent Debt Reduction
  • Retirement Planning and Cash Flow
  • Household Budgets That Work
  • Investment Portfolio Reviews
  • Insurance Coverage Recommendations
  • How to Improve Investing Results
  • Parenting & Money Advice
  • Divorcee Financial Advice
  • Access to a Trusted Network of Professionals
  • And more…


Feedback we have received since 2010 confirms that our unique approach is meeting the needs of our clients. We hold firm to a lower-cost model than the majority of flat-fee financial planners in the country, and we offer an easy 3-month payment plan. A personalized all-in quote is provided during the free consultation.

Contact us today to schedule your confidential consultation at a time that suits your schedule.