On behalf of the Money Coaches at York Region Money Coaches, Tracey Britt, Fran Clare and Joanna Rybak, I would like to personally thank the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce for honouring York Region Money Coaches with the ‘2014 Professional Services Business of the Year’.

Newmarket Chamber Of Commerce

We are deeply honoured and humbled to have won this award, which in prior years has been awarded to such great local companies as Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home (2011), Chaggares & Bonhomme Chartered Accountants (2012) and GEM Health Care Service (2013).

There were a number of criteria used to recognize each of these past winners, including: company growth, customer service, market developments, marketing, and community service. All must exemplify professionalism and integrity and includes businesses from the fields of law, medical, dental, accounting, financial, insurance, real estate and other professional service providers. All must have been in business for at least 3 years to be nominated.

It was an intensive process and included several stages culminating in an on-site interview, video and finally a wonderful Chamber of Commerce Gala at The Manor to announce the winners. York Region Money Coaches would also like to congratulate the other winners announced at the Gala: Newmarket Public Library (Innovation), GetRecD Charity (Not-for-Profit), Floors Direct North (New Business), Mars Canada Inc. (Manufacturer), Comfort Inn Newmarket (Franchise), Salon Decorum (Small Business), Allied Global Holdings Inc. (Large Business) and Jochen Schleese (Entrepreneur).

Most of all, we would like to thank all of our clients these past 4 years. You have invited us into your lives to teach, empower, share and instruct – and for that we are grateful. Under our guidance, our clients have paid off boatloads of debt, retired with confidence, adopted children, purchased vacation properties, burned the mortgage, upgraded, downgraded, purchased cars, sold cars, invested smarter, helped their children develop great money habits, improved their relationship with their partners and achieved financial peace.

I must say it is a personally rewarding career to educate and help people make great money decisions without the bias that can come into play when product selling. At the core of our value proposition is no financial product selling – no mutual funds, no insurance, no pitch at all. It allows us to spend 100% of our time building and delivering on a customized agenda that we create for each client based on the goals shared with us.

Money Coaching is still in its infancy in Canada, but we are confident that with every client engaged, and each award won, we are a little closer to Canadians taking control of their personal finances and achieving the financial success that each of us deserves.