If a picture says a thousand words, then a testimonial says what 10 advertisements can’t.  Here is a sampling of testimonials from clients who have benefited from the services and advice of York Region Money Coaches:
A few words from past clients...

“I was looking for expertise and guidance to develop a retirement plan.  Trevor provided both in a simple and straight forward manner.  He took the time to clearly understand my objectives and analyze my financial status after which he prepared a financial model with different scenarios and a clear action plan for its implementation.  Trevor has an efficient and thorough method to his money coaching.  He shares his knowledge of financial matters in an easy to understand and down to earth perspective.  I would encourage anyone seeking to better understand and manage their financial situation to work with Trevor. ”

– Lou M., Newmarket

“With our firstborn on the way, Kim and I felt it was essential to get our Financial Plan in order.  We already understood the power of money and the importance of paying yourself first, but we needed coaching to implement our investment strategy and added confidence that we were making the right decisions for our families future.  Trevor provided this coaching and confidence plus so much more!  He was fantastic to work with and provided us with additional professionals to work with, within his excellent financial network.  Thanks, Trevor.”

– M. and K. Koolhaas, Toronto

“Trevor was non-judgmental and very respectful and understanding of our situation which made it easy to open up about our missteps.  Tracking our expenses has always been difficult for some reason, but with Trevor we were able to put in place a system that worked.  As a result, we’re now tackling our debt head-on and we feel great about it.”

– Robert and Helene E., Mississauga

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