It’s been said a picture tells a thousand words, but so do a thousand words.  Testimonials from past clients are truly a gift to any service business, and the clients of York Region Money Coaches don’t hold back.  To read what a few recent clients are saying about their new financial reality.

“We had been living pay cheque to pay cheque for years, gradually accumulating debt and neglecting to even consider saving for retirement.  We were skeptical about spending money in order to save money, but quickly learned that hiring York Region Money Coaches was a very worthwhile investment.  We reached a clear understanding of where our money is going, learned how to implement an effective budget and gained an invaluable education in our financial future, all of which has given us freedom from financial stress.”
– Mark and Marlene S., Newmarket.

“After graduating from professional school and opening up my own business, I felt as though I had a ton of knowledge in my field, but no information about my finances.  Working with Trevor at York Region Money Coaches was helpful in many ways.  He taught me how money works, and how to plan and budget and get rid of my student loans, but not feel as though I am suffering in the process.  He showed me what investing is, and the best ways to start planning for it.  Trevor also went above and beyond, and gave me suggestions on how to build my business.  Trevor takes his role as Money Coach very seriously – he is very approachable, understanding and non-judgmental.  The past is the past, and he really helps with forward thinking.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Trevor to anyone who is considering using his services.”
– Dr. Heather Bailey, Bradford.

“York Region Money Coaches was instrumental in motivating us to take control of our financial destiny by eliminating the high back-end charged on our investments and redirecting them to far lower fee investments – saving us thousands of dollars and allowing us to sit back and enjoy our new form of investing.  And importantly, we were finally motivated to create our wills and put in place our powers of attorney documents.”
– S. Young and G. Bedford, Stouffville.

“Working with York Region Money Coaches gave both my husband and I the confidence needed to take charge of our family finances.  Trevor was incredibly supportive and extremely generous with his knowledge.  After each session with YRMC my husband and I collectively would breathe a sigh of relief.  Trevor helped demystify family budgeting and investing – and gave us the tools needed to effectively manage our family budget on our own – a value that will pay back for years so come.”
– Jennifer S., Aurora

“My boyfriend was suffering from the all-too familiar overwhelming feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration and helplessness often associated with looming personal debt. It was hard being financially stable and working toward my personal financial goals, while he struggled living pay cheque to pay cheque, not being able to address any of his growing debt. The financial strain was starting to emotionally affect our relationship. Trevor helped us better understand debt, our options for tackling it, taking the first steps towards communicating with collection services, and taking control back in our financial lives. After our time with Trevor we feel educated, empowered and confident that our debt troubles will soon be behind us.”
– Dayna L., Newmarket.

To experience the financial freedom that comes from an engagement with York Region Money Coaches, please consider taking advantage of our no-fee no-obligation consultation.  It is available to anyone who wants to learn more about the value of ‘no product selling’ financial advice from experienced Money Coach.  Please e-mail us at